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Nov 25 1987

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rick_d25 That's awesome!
view post •  2013-07-29 21:55:01
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rick_d25 The reason why this house, and the other one you posted, is abandoned is because its going to be in the way of the expansion of hwy69. There is going to be an interchange build here for hwy64 and Brasier rd. I will create a location under hwy69 with the maps that i have.
view post •  2010-10-19 13:16:39
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rick_d25 Drove by on October 1st 2010, and its no longer there. There was what seemed to be a monument, it was still wrapped in a clear plastic, where the garage would of been.
2010-10-07 12:08:51
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rick_d25 The Bil-Mur Campground and Motel is demolished and the lot is now being used by Legend Boats.
2010-04-12 12:49:44
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