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torontoman2816 Really cool find. As mentioned by others the house is really unsafe to enter. You can still find some good angles pointing in from outside. Neat little location.
view post •  2020-12-13 06:14:22
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torontoman2816 Hornepayne station has now been demolished.
view post •  2020-11-24 21:27:15
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torontoman2816 This structure was demolished sometime in spring/summer 2019. The farm it is on is now being redeveloped. I visited it in fall of 2018 and land clearing had begun. When I came back almost a year later, it was gone.
view post •  2020-04-17 03:16:08
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torontoman2816 This location was a Daycare/Preschool in the old schoolhouse, and the rest of the school served grades JK-3. It was closed after an addition was built at Nobleton Public School to server all grades instead of just 4-8. This was a cost cutting measure to eliminate staff. The school was abandoned and used ad a police training ground until it was demolished in late 2018. It was very easy to get into as the basement doors were left unlocked. Nothing remains today.
view post •  2020-04-14 17:56:58
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torontoman2816 Great location, still no signs of demolition.
view post •  2020-04-14 17:07:48
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