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Location Discussions By Golson Moldon

Golson Moldon A bizarre interior layout with 6 small bedrooms and short/narrow interior corridors. After leaving, an OPP cruiser caught up with me about a km down the road and follow me for a couple of kms before turning off. Probably on the locals watch list as a pick up truck stopped and waited for about a minute before driving off again. The old barn across the falls is now fully collapsed.

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Golson Moldon Great find boys.

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Golson Moldon It's a shame the Guides are giving up all these camps just to stay afloat.

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Golson Moldon Constructed by John Brown who was contracted to build eleven Lighthouses throughout Huron and Georgian Bay. Only 6 were built. A beautiful example of his construction is on Chantry Island in Southampton where they conduct 2hr tours throughout the summer. Both my wife and I joined the tour group as volunteer guides this summer.

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Golson Moldon Community centre

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Golson Moldon Awesome DM

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Golson Moldon The main portion of the building is from 1873 and also shows the traditional Boys and Girls entrances.

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Golson Moldon Grey Highlands to take over ownership.

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Golson Moldon Man that would be a great trip.

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Golson Moldon Was wondering when someone was going to put that one up. They stripped the shingles off it about 5 years ago and walked away. I'm pretty sure it's intentional demolition by neglect.

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Golson Moldon A 74 unit town house project. How depressing.

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Golson Moldon Nice find.

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Golson Moldon Luckily mine are of the age where I don't necessarily need to worry about them as much. They pretty much know what dangers to look for. Surprisingly, as I found out this weekend, my wife is quite nimble at dodging Turkey Vulchers cornered in a one room school house. Saved her own skin and ran right by me and our youngest!!

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Golson Moldon Holly, rotate your pics before you upload please.

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Golson Moldon What a shame, all those old vehicles and parts just rotting away.

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