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Photo Comments

Something tells me that is way against code.

view post •  Dec 26 2013

It only hides the overspray Teeko!!

view post •  Dec 26 2013

Nice..never seen that colour.

view post •  Dec 26 2013

Dead man typing.

view post •  Nov 17 2013

Camera cart?

view post •  Nov 17 2013

Location Comments

A bizarre interior layout with 6 small bedrooms and short/narrow interior corridors. After leaving, an OPP cruiser caught up with me about a km down...

view post •  Apr 28 2014

Great find boys.

view post •  Nov 12 2013

It's a shame the Guides are giving up all these camps just to stay afloat.

view post •  Nov 10 2013

Constructed by John Brown who was contracted to build eleven Lighthouses throughout Huron and Georgian Bay. Only 6 were built. A beautiful example o...

view post •  Oct 24 2013

Community centre

view post •  Oct 16 2013