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lil_bucktee farming tool outside bus
view post •  2020-02-11 14:05:50
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lil_bucktee toaster
view post •  2020-02-11 13:50:52
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lil_bucktee bus
view post •  2020-02-11 13:50:39
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lil_bucktee was biking past this place the other day when I decided to check it out. every door and window is now boarded up except for two small animal hatches on the first floor and one of the second floor doors. Sadly the second floor door is harder to get into as the ladder and platform leading to it has collapsed but its not that high of a jump. In older pictures I could see a second smaller barn with bee keeping boxes but on my two visits so far I have seen no evidence of it. One thing that I did noti
view post •  2020-04-04 21:09:23
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lil_bucktee tried to get in two nights ago but everything is boarded up with metal grates there is an entrance on the very top of the roof that was innaccessable to us but there is a lower down roof where there is the chimmney that can be climbed with a small hool in the grate that can be climbed down by a rope. the city is starting construction this year though for a community centre which will be unveiled in 2023
view post •  2020-01-05 23:26:26
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