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Jesse Went to visit a few days ago, unfortunately its been demolished now.
view post •  2020-10-26 04:33:25
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Jesse Stopped by here a few days ago, really empty place with lost of graffiti, very cool aesthetic and some admittedly talented vandals. Seems like a really popular spot, two guys stopped by to practice boxing each other on the second floor. There is however an apparent "drunkard" that sleeps there at night. Two of my friends went to check it out at night and when they entered they heard loud stomping coming from the second floor and noped out of there pretty fast.
view post •  2020-10-26 04:28:10
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Jesse Just visited this place today. Like OP was saying very easy access in the back, and the inside is totally trashed. There is a old foundation and silo directly behind it, fairly interesting. Well visit again soon and take pictures. Overall very cool place!
view post •  2020-10-26 03:51:17
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