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Location Discussions By drewkr

drewkr Ive been here and I agree. Totaly creepy, weird feelings and seen a person. No joking I see spirits all the time. This person was missing his hand, prolly late twenties to early thirties. Just saying! Anyone see him or catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye? Feel being watched?

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drewkr Urban legend says she left money behind either buried in the yard or in the walls. Just saying!

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drewkr My dad worked underground for years here.

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drewkr Amazing. This place still up? What are they doing with it?

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drewkr Anybody know whats going on with these houses and how they are doing?

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drewkr Thats right punchbowl. Im a farmer by trade and that day is gonna come. The day where you will run out of beef,chicken,pork and all your veggies cuz you keep tearing down farms for subdivisions. Not to mention how hard it is to survuve being a farmer. Im lucky to break even but owe alot money for equipment. You can thank the goverment when this happens.

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drewkr What a damn shame for the vandals to do that much damage to a perfect house. Couldnt be bothered to even leave the stove window.

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drewkr What a shame. Hope they do something with this beautiful piece and bring it back to life

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drewkr The strangest and creepiest place ive ever been to. I have the ability to see things and this place was crawling. Bad vibes. Not a night time kinda place. Just saying.

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drewkr worried about people trashing the place? Its pretty beat up. Nice pix tho. Looks like a great find.

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drewkr Sad

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drewkr as did my grandpa

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