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drewkr Ive been here and I agree. Totaly creepy, weird feelings and seen a person. No joking I see spirits all the time. This person was missing his hand, prolly late twenties to early thirties. Just saying! Anyone see him or catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye? Feel being watched?
view post •  2012-05-26 18:41:16
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drewkr Nice graveyard of trucks. Stunning pix by the way!
view post •  2012-05-25 18:27:56
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drewkr I heard this has since been demolished. Anyone know any info?
view post •  2012-05-25 18:18:37
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drewkr Urban legend says she left money behind either buried in the yard or in the walls. Just saying!
view post •  2012-05-25 00:19:52
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drewkr My dad worked underground for years here.
view post •  2012-05-25 00:15:25
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