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pilotbob Its gone guys & gals. Everything has been gutted. Unsure whats being built there right now, but definitely a new structure.
view post •  2020-07-07 19:24:52
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pilotbob If you haven''t had a chance to go inside yet, do so this summer. I see lots of activity there all of a sudden. I posted couple of photos.
view post •  2019-08-13 22:35:14
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pilotbob One of the coolest locations I got to visit, thanks for sharing. Note to anyone visiting in June, bring lots and I mean lots of bug spray. I got eaten alive, well worth seeing these beauties though.
view post •  2019-06-15 08:56:57
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pilotbob Still standing there but in rough shape. There was also a parked vehicle that was out of town. Wasn''t sure if it was a ''visitor'' or the car was dumped. I waited around, but decided not to enter due to that vehicle.
view post •  2019-06-15 08:40:38
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pilotbob I went by this location few days ago. For the life of me I couldn''t find it, unless its gone for good.
view post •  2019-06-15 08:34:22
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