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Photo Comments

I should have! Didn't occur to me until I was looking at the photos later

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That's a big pile of vermiculite insulation in the corner.

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Last photo I took, from the road. Back on safe ground :)

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I took this one while hiding in the bushes as a pickup truck came down the road. I sure was glad when the truck passed by, and didn't come up the driv...

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That's a big collection of floor mats lol

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Location Comments

Looks like the house is still there, according to google maps. The house and 3 acres of land its on is owned by a numbered company (which also owns an...

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Cool, will need to visit that museum sometime.

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I haven''t seen any recent burials here, last one I''m aware of is from 1895. Visited here in October.

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Nice photos and description!

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Damn, that''s disappointing! The house was pretty impressive

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