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kintisa It's almost impossible getting in. And it's extremely risky. Also, most people know about it anyway since it's such a public location...but understandable. My bad!
view post •  2012-03-02 15:22:40
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kintisa It was pretty sealed, but the front door was pretty open. Also there is another abandoned building in behind it. Didn't take many photos there but it's also kind of cool to check out.
view post •  2012-02-29 22:11:14
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kintisa omgg thats soo disgusting and creepy!! and i love the music in your video! lol
view post •  2012-02-06 11:47:34
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kintisa It's at the end of city view, before the train tracks. There is actually another abandoned house right beside it, but I think it's going to be demolished soon as they've dug all around it.
view post •  2012-01-26 18:09:31
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