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OntarioExplorations101 Not to sure why someone would put Shining Tree in Gogama when its 85km apart but yes the history is nice.
view post •  2018-06-27 23:45:54
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OntarioExplorations101 Thanks for the comment. If you ever travel up towards Bruce Mines take a visit to that mine. Its located in Havilah, and its the first right on Murray Road, named after Alexander Murray. You follow this road across the bridge and up to the top of the hill. The hill goes down once your a top, don't go down, the gate and the decayed house is on the left. I find it much easier going up the other trail by the decayed house. But a fair warning its quite the hike to the top of the bluff.
view post •  2018-06-27 15:55:09
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OntarioExplorations101 What I've learned from running a similar site is that historical descriptions and pictures make up a unique article. It's not because of a crumbled down foundation but the memories these places share to others. Over the last two years I've gained nearly 120,000 people who read my articles and over 300,000 page views a year now from all over the world. They call places with such an extend of human history archeological places.
view post •  2018-06-27 13:40:11