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marcosphoto 2020 and this site still going strong. I love the history! A prior post mentioned the cart was owned by the drug trading company. Dug deeper, belonged to a Markham division of "Katz group", referred to as "Drug Trading Company", which was bought out by McKesson (IDA, Guardian, Etc) in 1997. The Drug company ran 1896-2002, McKesson changed the name in 2002. Very interesting stuff, I love it. Don't know how it ended up there rotting away all these years but I'm happy it's still there.
view post •  2020-03-03 14:06:19
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marcosphoto Still active, no realtor signs at this time. I snapped a shot or two which I will add soon, but did not feel comfortable approaching the house as the neighbors large house oversees the property in plain view and I didn''t want to disturb anyone today.
view post •  2020-02-17 17:09:24
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marcosphoto Visted the site today - still going strong even though no one has added any comments since 2012. Very nice place, and a little sad too. However, it has not been lost as there are some newer grave makers as new as 2015, and with the same last name as a lot of the older markers. So, I don't believe it is truly abandoned. For those of you wanting a more accurate address, it is 3380 Line 6 in Bradford.
view post •  2020-02-17 16:51:14
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marcosphoto Last posting here was 2013, site still running strong except for some thieves appear to have made away with the large steel gate and some other steel artifacts that I noticed in other photos posted here.
view post •  2018-06-06 08:07:46
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marcosphoto If you need assurance this is still active, June 2018 was my visit and all is well.
view post •  2018-06-05 10:02:36
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