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profile of icrynoodles

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Photo Comments

Had never seen it from this angle before, nice work, great photo

view post •  Apr 05 2018

Love it, really cool picture!

view post •  Apr 03 2018

Location Comments

Amazing find! Need to check this place out

view post •  Oct 16 2018

Passed this location on the way back from a trip. Wasn't dressed to properly (considering i was in a dress & flip flops..not the best exploring gear)...

view post •  Oct 07 2018

Could probably make this basic memeber now since it’s been demolished. Nothings left

view post •  Aug 18 2018

I had no idea this place was still here?? I guess I better make a trip up before they demolish it

view post •  May 11 2018

Wow you don't see a nice house like that decaying very often, wish i had a chnage to explore this one

view post •  Apr 04 2018