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Photo Comments

Yea. That's my wheels lol hope you're not too disappointed. The Good news is you can easily hide your car from hwy traffic.

view post •  Jan 15 2018

YEA not my first choice either.

view post •  Jan 15 2018

I was pleased to have decent front photo at all! It was sooo dark! Couldn't tell if the house was in focus or not lol

view post •  Jan 15 2018

just a few days before demolition :(

view post •  Jan 03 2018

Sad to see the vandalism :( This place was practically Untouched when I was there.

view post •  Jan 03 2018

Location Comments

could they be squatters?

view post •  Feb 05 2019

Demolished :(

view post •  Mar 30 2018

Its gone. :( Demolished to make room for A Go Station.

view post •  Mar 05 2018

No Word of A Lie. I'm really emotional looking at this location. Just so sad! Also, I fear I may be a future Flora...

view post •  Jan 16 2018

Unfortunately this house was the victim of a fire in May of 2016 . Two teenagers were charged with arson And animal cruelty. The Bird was still pinned...

view post •  Jan 15 2018