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Photo Comments

What do you mean no ones home. I clearly see two people in there.

view post •  Aug 25 2017


view post •  Aug 25 2017


view post •  Oct 13 2016

That "open water" sign is new. Wasn't there when I went, but then again, neither was security!

view post •  Sep 11 2016

Did security let you in?

view post •  Sep 11 2016

Location Comments

The front door was unlocked when I went BUT ..... the lock is rigged. If you lock the door once in the house, you CANNOT unlock it and since most of...

view post •  Mar 30 2019

Wow! Just wow! This place is a mess now. Sad!

view post •  Nov 20 2016

I really need to get there! Nice galleries from everyone!

view post •  Sep 11 2016

This is pretty interesting. I don't know much about the dude but I know his museum was located in his house in Toronto. Had no idea there was a cott...

view post •  Aug 28 2016

Nice gallery Living!

view post •  Jun 17 2016