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maple One of these things is not like the other .....
view post •  2019-03-30 07:15:01
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maple Most of these are gone now.
view post •  2019-03-30 06:43:47
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maple That explains all the dogs. A lady I work with was telling me about this place. She thought it was a puppy mill at one time.
view post •  2019-03-30 06:22:21
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maple lol Timo!
view post •  2017-08-25 08:05:22
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maple This is definitely on my "go to list" I remember reading a newspaper article about the old gentlemen that gave it all up. Sad.
view post •  2017-08-25 07:52:27
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maple I found this house on google maps and wanted to go check it out. When I refreshed my page the house disappeared. I''m not 100% but I believe this house has been torn down.
view post •  2020-04-24 04:18:17
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maple They are totally redoing the inside of the building. I don't know what its going to be used for. I guess only time will tell.
view post •  2019-03-30 07:42:59
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maple The front door was unlocked when I went BUT ..... the lock is rigged. If you lock the door once in the house, you CANNOT unlock it and since most of the bottom windows are boarded, it was not easy getting out. Good thing I'm small and thats all I'm going to say!
view post •  2019-03-30 06:50:45
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maple Looks more like a library!
view post •  2019-03-30 06:18:01
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maple Wow! Just wow! This place is a mess now. Sad!
view post •  2016-11-20 11:05:53
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