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maple What do you mean no ones home. I clearly see two people in there.
view post •  2017-08-25 07:37:21
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maple ewww!
view post •  2017-08-25 07:22:21
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maple Nice!
view post •  2016-10-13 21:12:02
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maple That "open water" sign is new. Wasn't there when I went, but then again, neither was security!
view post •  2016-09-11 21:31:08
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maple Did security let you in?
view post •  2016-09-11 21:29:49
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maple The front door was unlocked when I went BUT ..... the lock is rigged. If you lock the door once in the house, you CANNOT unlock it and since most of the bottom windows are boarded, it was not easy getting out. Good thing I'm small and thats all I'm going to say!
view post •  2019-03-30 06:50:45
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maple Wow! Just wow! This place is a mess now. Sad!
view post •  2016-11-20 11:05:53
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maple I really need to get there! Nice galleries from everyone!
view post •  2016-09-11 21:14:16
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maple This is pretty interesting. I don't know much about the dude but I know his museum was located in his house in Toronto. Had no idea there was a cottage involved as well. Nice galleries peeps!
view post •  2016-08-28 18:14:50
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maple Nice gallery Living!
view post •  2016-06-17 11:52:47
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