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The foregoing being of academic value only as the site is now completely demolished.

view post •  Jul 27 2013

Ah ... I understand the source of the confusion. This is Canada Post not respecting the political boundries (as usual). The postal code (K0G 1N0) is,...

view post •  Jul 27 2013

This site is on the extreme western boundry of the amalgamated City of Ottawa. The township of Montague continues west from this point all the way to...

view post •  Jun 23 2013

The house has been 50 percent demolished for over a month now. Work crews are usually there every day working on what's left of the other buildings. T...

view post •  Jun 16 2013

This was, of course, the Ottawa Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway (OAPSR), or just "The J.R. Booth road". I recommend the book "Over the hills to Georgia...

view post •  Sep 08 2012