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coldfox In it's early beginnings it was a nice motel. Due to progress a piece of Brampton history is gone.
view post •  2019-07-23 14:26:49
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coldfox It's a shame that someone would abandon this place, why not sell it and restore.
view post •  2014-06-18 16:51:42
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coldfox why isn't anyone looking after this obviously historic site.
view post •  2015-08-01 13:49:41
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coldfox I grew up in Brampton and in the early 80's this motel was still open for business, and the church was still open also. Progress sucks and so do all developers.
view post •  2014-06-19 15:57:22
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coldfox This is sickening all these nice homes being destroyed in name of progress. Brampton is losing it's heritage, and city council, and municipality of peel doesn't care. What a shame. Soon there will be no fields or farms anywhere around there.
view post •  2014-06-19 15:55:31
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coldfox If you don't turn left at lights you will end up on Sandy Mount Hill going towards Talbotville
view post •  2012-09-16 17:03:51
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coldfox On Talbot St past Jumbo down the hill at the major traffic lights at bottom of hill turn left and bridge straight ahead.
view post •  2012-09-16 17:02:54
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