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Brian606 Just a warning to everyone that goes onto this property,there are Police Video Camera''s set all over the place,4 camera''s per piller that is set up.If you have a bright flash light and a hoody and want to check it out,then do the same thing I did and shine the light directly at the camera''s and hide your face,also you''ll have about 25 minute''s before the Police show up once they notice activity lol.
view post •  2019-09-21 18:39:53
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Brian606 Hey angbonate,I seen your video and your right,the place is unsafe.Me and a friend went there roughly a month ago,and not only did I step on a nail,I fell down onto a long board with several nail''s and it ripped a chunk of skin off my knee,but I was determind to see the inside,until I fell threw the main floor lol,my buddy started laughing and said,why are you down there,so I told him,I felt like checking out the basement first so he kept laughing,so ya,eventually I did see the entire place.So
view post •  2019-09-21 18:27:49
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Brian606 Lol I already went in there,I didn''t use the main driveway lol.
view post •  2019-07-17 00:18:20
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Brian606 This is actually an old house that was for the warden back in the 1940''s and also a place for some of the guard''s.There is no access inside and the Guelph Police as well as the O.P.P. are watching this place a lot cause there''s to many people breaking the board''s off this place just to get in as well as homeless people trying to make a home out of it.This is a NO TRESSPASSING area.Once the Police see you,you will get a warning only once.
view post •  2019-07-16 21:47:27
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Brian606 I recently went there and seen no vehicle''s and the only thing standing is the silo,I went into the barn unwillingly,I was standing on the top but I went threw pretty quick,an old chair broke my fall lol,my buddy turned around and said to me,I see you found an entrance then started laughing,so I grabbed anything I could to throw at him lol,but it was fun.Oh,and barn is impossible to get inside picture''s,trust me,I know lol.
view post •  2019-07-16 21:40:50
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