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girlwithacamera Noticed some recent activity on this property. One of the small building is freshly board up, yet the entrances to the home it's self are still open. There's also a new "No Dumping" sign that also says no trespassing.
view post •  2017-10-06 10:35:44
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girlwithacamera fiso: i uploaded the pictures off my phone and tried multiple times to turn the photos upright without much luck. I just tried again and it still won’t rotate the photos properly.
view post •  2017-10-01 16:00:47
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girlwithacamera Just went by this place the other day, absolutely loved it except for all the spiders. There's now a old car in the centre of the church and the top level doesn't look too structurally sound. Great location!
view post •  2017-08-08 14:47:57
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