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Photo Comments

i swear every room had a ceiling fan in this house

view post •  Mar 12 2019

we did! while holding onto the railing with an iron grip might i add lol

view post •  Mar 01 2019

oh yeah it was slick!! i actually fell on a few of the stairs, saved myself with the railing but hit my knee kinda hard

view post •  Feb 28 2019

thanks!! it was hard not to fill my sd card with just staircase photos in this place

view post •  Feb 26 2019

thank you!

view post •  Feb 26 2019

Location Comments

Being demolished!

view post •  Feb 23 2020

Also been demolished

view post •  Oct 15 2019

This duplex is now gone

view post •  Sep 30 2019

anyone planning on attempting a visit here be extremely cautious of the houses and apartment building nearby. the apartments have a CLEAR view of almo...

view post •  May 14 2019

looks like demolition might begin this spring/summer. multiple excavators locates to the right of the buildings. also a dead raccoon at the back.

view post •  Mar 24 2019