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they should reopen it as the museum it once was

view post •  Aug 27 2012  • 0 like(s)

if the picture of the stone looks odd, its because i was there the weekend after a car hit it, so it was on an angle. I stood on an angle to get a str...

view post •  Feb 11 2012  • 0 like(s)

my aunt and uncle used to live in the right side of the place. my cousin would never sleep in his bedroom saying that the second level was haunted but...

view post •  Feb 02 2012  • 0 like(s)

i was able to get back october 30, 2011 checking signs of deer for the upcoming hunting season. I was able to get right up to the remains of the black...

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The school is still there but boarded up tight. last time i was there in november i couldnt find a way in

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