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burrowingowl First time I've ever felt creeped out, looking at those pics - something about that place (besides the dead bees, which is totally gross) Excellent video - congrats on venturing in there. Bet the guy wasn't the owner - just 'self-important' local.
view post •  2012-05-16 22:44:24
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burrowingowl Great pics! - gotta love the sign that says, "Employees Only - Others Keep Out" .. not sure I would have wanted to work there!! What kind of business was it? Anyone know?
view post •  2012-05-02 17:11:40
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burrowingowl Great pics! Was this fire recent?
view post •  2012-04-09 20:17:14
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burrowingowl Fantastic pictures - would this ever be amazing to see the interior - Also a great backdrop for a movie.
view post •  2012-04-09 20:00:48
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burrowingowl Beautiful photos! I pass that location quite often - didn't realize it was there.
view post •  2012-02-12 22:02:34
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