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Photo Comments

fantastic shot

view post •  Nov 13 2014

yes Johnson cemetery isnt very far from this place.

view post •  Nov 20 2013

yeah i hate them too but there was nothing in here from what i could see thru the opening.

view post •  Oct 09 2013

no i didnt get in mcintyre905 this shot is of the outhouse at the back of the church.

view post •  Oct 03 2013

as i can see in your photos that you didnt read the sign. and how many times do we ever stay on the trails. If you stay on the trails you wouldnt have...

view post •  Sep 29 2013

Location Comments

This old house has been torn down and a new one has taken its place.

view post •  Jul 12 2016

Yes Motleykiwi there is a new house there now. I knew the people that were to the south of the old house and the new house owners got the property for...

view post •  May 12 2016

yes this place is no longer standing.

view post •  May 12 2016

I have a feeling that this building will be slated for demolition in the near future. I believe that they used this building was used for rehabilitati...

view post •  Aug 09 2015


view post •  Jul 09 2015