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chiller Thank you Timo. If you ever get a chance to visit here, you should.
view post •  2019-04-20 20:33:03
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chiller This is cool. No pun intended lol. Did you go up there?
view post •  2019-03-01 18:47:32
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chiller Wow. So different from when I was there.
view post •  2018-06-05 12:39:50
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chiller Great shot. But what a sad site.
view post •  2018-05-13 10:32:59
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chiller Wow . So sad
view post •  2018-05-13 10:31:54
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chiller Was in the area and stopped in to see these 2 places. Mostly ruins, and nothing really to photograph of any substance. One house is only half there, and the other house seems like it is a little party place. Found some new bottles and evidence of a party
view post •  2020-07-23 15:46:23
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chiller Yes, the ones up at 14th. They are quite interesting. Man, I cant get out till Sunday . Hope these are still around.
view post •  2019-11-19 20:28:06
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chiller Yeah, Im going to give it a go. Want to revisit the McCowan houses as well before they are gone. It is nice to see these places before they are vandalized.
view post •  2019-11-19 12:28:53
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chiller NIce to see inside. Driven by these a few times but have not had a chance to check them out.
view post •  2019-11-16 17:46:54
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chiller What a cool place. I met the guy who purchased this today. He runs an antique/gift store in Tavistock, and plans to make this an antique shop which he hopes to have open by this Christmas. He has recently restored the old pizza shop in Tavistock into an antique/gift shop with is wife. Very cool and nice guy to chat with.
view post •  2019-05-10 21:37:04
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