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chiller Im going to have to go back and see this. The basement had about 2 feet of water last weekend.
view post •  2020-08-13 21:53:14
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chiller Wow....this is cool. Looks like the gem was in the basement. Couldnt get down there cause of the water.
view post •  2020-08-09 22:37:31
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chiller It is so cool to see this. I was here on the weekend and this has all caved in and is now in the lower level.
view post •  2020-05-26 20:47:04
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chiller Love this. !!
view post •  2019-12-19 22:05:56
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chiller Nice!!
view post •  2019-12-04 19:43:09
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chiller The gasoline smell was insane. I barely made it for 2 minutes down there. Is the attic worth a revisit?
view post •  2020-10-04 16:38:51
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chiller This is so cool. Very nice.
view post •  2020-08-26 16:01:27
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chiller Paid another visit to these houses on the weekend and finally got into the old optical place. Strange that there is a second floor but no access to it. I think they drywalled over the entrance to it when they went from a house to an optical business. I think I know where the stairs are tho. Would love to see up there There is one more house to get into, but it has been sealed up tight for a few years now .
view post •  2020-08-17 15:47:32
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chiller I tried Sunday morning. All the fencing is ziptied now and I saw the car parked round side. Looked like Guardaworld security.
view post •  2020-08-17 14:45:26
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chiller Awesome. I wish I could have seen this and Caddys before it was torn down.
view post •  2020-08-14 19:39:25
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