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lpeppia It's been said here many times, but they're cracking down on trespassing. The community voted to restore the site because of its historical value.
view post •  2016-09-23 21:29:46
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lpeppia Visited Sept 2016. The location has been completely sealed and the grounds are littered with old clothes and garbage. Looks like someone threw everything that had been inside outside.
view post •  2016-09-22 14:21:40
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lpeppia Visited this location September 2016. There is a tremendous amount of vandalism that has been recently done and the windows on the main floor are covered by particle board and/or metal. There is no way in.
view post •  2016-09-19 19:51:55
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lpeppia I visited the location September 2016. There is a large window on the property to easily access the location, but I did not go in. There are also holes peppered though out the outside of the home so you can see inside. It looks like some renovations may have started, but were stopped, the location still seems abandoned.
view post •  2016-09-18 10:59:56
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