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FairlyLocal Used to be such a beautiful family place. It's sad that local teens have made it a place to participate in not-so-great activities.
view post •  2018-06-03 22:51:17
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FairlyLocal Interestingly enough, someone removed the grate covering one of the windows and burned some of the wood. They didn't make the hole big enough for a person. Waiting to see if anyone will open the hole
view post •  2017-04-07 23:17:28
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FairlyLocal Sorry the quality isn't great. It was very dark.
view post •  2017-04-07 23:14:48
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FairlyLocal The cemetery is kept in good condition. The mill however, is barely standing and is very hard to get to. The surrounding area has become a junk yard for totaled cars and trucks.
view post •  2017-01-19 22:54:14
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