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Amadio Great Shot!
view post •  2017-04-30 09:50:50
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Amadio That was in the upstaris washroom.
view post •  2017-01-28 15:28:39
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Amadio Even in the day time, it is nearly pitch black inside, so I did my best with improvised lighting.
view post •  2016-07-05 22:44:12
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Amadio I couldn't tell, I thought maybe a dog...
view post •  2016-07-03 23:24:00
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Amadio I had a feeling that the owner still visited, there is a fairly new john deere lawn mower in one of the barns and I saw some new chains around the gate. But I did hide the address. :)
view post •  2017-01-23 10:23:17
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Amadio Theres a barn outback that it seems people have missed, according to the galleries.
view post •  2016-07-15 16:41:31
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Amadio Man I wish I had found this place before they took down that house and the barn. All thats left is the church, the graveyard, and some foundations. I heard that the church may be refurbished by the city.
view post •  2016-07-05 18:45:28
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Amadio UPDATE: This house was completely boarded up, and the only open window was to the basement. Went I looked closer through the window (it was dark), I discovered that the entire basement was flooded, about 4-5 feet deep.
view post •  2016-07-03 23:15:22
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