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donjeep Those are HD jacks, used to jack up houses and heavy machinery.
view post •  2015-10-27 13:55:32
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donjeep A solenoid and a transformer, data transmitter?
view post •  2015-01-02 16:57:03
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donjeep Beam & Peg construction! Nice!
view post •  2014-07-16 15:58:34
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donjeep Forge Ahead!!
view post •  2014-07-16 15:57:28
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donjeep Maybe there is a black market for Dolly Wheels!
view post •  2013-10-23 23:14:00
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donjeep Hydro Archives: That building was once the TSR (Toronto Street Railway) transformer station.
view post •  2015-10-28 14:11:22
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donjeep The Waterworks pump house was built in 1904 on the lakeshore between Whitby Harbour and Heydenshore Park. An additional pump house was built o the east of this building in 1959. The original building ceased to be used when a third pump house was completed in 1978. Courtesy of Whitby Public Library site.
view post •  2013-06-10 12:36:52
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donjeep By the descriptions on the walls by the valves this is a Flanger or plow. The one description is for the "wings" to be out or in, which would lead me to believe it is a combination of the two, possibly a "Jordan Spreader".
view post •  2013-04-26 13:44:14
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donjeep Was this Raceway to get slots? If it fell through is that why it is closed?
view post •  2013-03-15 00:58:28
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donjeep Loved the bugs and the old steel wagon wheels!
view post •  2013-03-15 00:51:51
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