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qazpaz I'm assuming this photo is edited to look vintage, but its so well done I'm not sure
view post •  2018-08-07 20:44:10
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qazpaz ignore my friends face...
view post •  2018-07-29 23:14:17
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qazpaz where is this hole located? i did'int see it when i was there.
view post •  2018-07-28 17:09:28
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qazpaz how completely demolished, looks like they''re butting in some houses of something.
view post •  2020-06-16 00:27:50
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qazpaz honestly amazing you managed to find this spot, i count barley find it, and i was looking at the GPS.
view post •  2018-07-30 15:44:33
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qazpaz Definitely a place best visited during fall, just went today and its a pain to walk though all the brush.
view post •  2018-07-29 22:55:48
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qazpaz i entered it once tough the basement before the demolition, basement was flooded and there was a motion detector in the stairwell. set off an alarm.
view post •  2018-05-15 07:38:59
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qazpaz its funny how the kettle appears in most of the galleries. but always in different locations
view post •  2018-05-10 22:40:24
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