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1960 Pontiac Bonneville Superior

view post •  Feb 28 2020


view post •  Oct 22 2018

How it looks right now and it seems all construction has stopped

view post •  Oct 15 2018

The security camera still works.

view post •  May 23 2017

this really sucks this is like the third one in my area this is going to make exploring allot more dangerous for us

view post •  Apr 16 2016

Location Comments

Im trying to find it it was a random drive end of a concesion just off highway 26

view post •  Oct 10 2018

Only looked like this a few months was my bank till they moved up buy the court under reno and only fenced because there rebuilding the park out front...

view post •  Feb 11 2018

Id say different the web I went threw to get to the door was massive and the trees were completely over grown to the point I had to crawl threw the en...

view post •  Jan 11 2018

Its now a boat sales place.

view post •  Aug 17 2016

Art Robinsons scrap yard and private yard bad place to get caught not the nicest people .

view post •  Aug 12 2016