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Fleet Nice shaft pic
view post •  2019-01-21 00:39:12
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Fleet Yes, just because a location is already scrapped to shit, definitely means steal more! Great lesson to teach to people.
view post •  2019-01-21 00:42:50
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Fleet Update: As shown in my gallery, some of the buildings were demolished, others renovated and repurposed.
view post •  2017-05-05 02:01:48
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Fleet I have seen more construction equipment on that property. But beyond that I have no idea what is happening to this property.
view post •  2017-04-02 23:34:37
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Fleet As of right now it's heavily guarded and undergoing gradual demolition. But I have heard of people getting in on rare occasion.
view post •  2017-04-02 23:32:17
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Fleet How easy was it to get around there? Wanted to go to that storefront, but I'm honestly afraid of all the foot traffic around there.
view post •  2017-04-02 23:30:14
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