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Location Discussions By lio convoy

lio convoy I visited here last weekend and made a small video. The place is in pretty rough shape for being abandoned for only 8 years. Check out the video at

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lio convoy I ended up going along the K&P Trail a little while back and didn't even know this entry was here. I came across the abandoned house and stopped and took some video of it. The house has really deteriorated since the pics here were taken. The 2nd floor is coming down, and things that were up there and hanging through the ceiling and the ceiling is sagging and about to come down. The fridge on

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lio convoy Swung by here a little while ago and shot this video:

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lio convoy Unfortunately, you can change the status of this great old home to demolished. :( I drove past it yesterday and a backhoe was in the yard and the house was in ruins, along with 2 of the structures. Right now, only the barn and the small garage are left standing, but I don't think they will be for much longer.

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lio convoy I filmed this in Balaclava earlier this year.

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lio convoy I remember when this place turned into the Pig & Whistle restaurant, and always wanted to go in and see what it looked like when the restaurant was open. Unfortunately, it closed down, and a suspicious fire happened at a convenient time in the building's life. More info can be found at:

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lio convoy Here's a link to a short video I shot at this location.

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