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blaekly Wow...I never noticed that! Good eye. That's a pretty historic chest.
view post •  2017-08-14 18:06:18
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blaekly why thank you! it was an extremely photogenic house
view post •  2017-07-31 16:53:14
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blaekly this is badass looking.
view post •  2017-06-26 23:49:45
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blaekly Yeah it was demolished at the end of summer. Apparently no demo permit was submitted and it was just taken down by the developer. Nothing remains of the farm stuff either. This house was on the site of an old mill. Behind where the house stood you can see remnants of it - the mill run and where the reservoir would have been.
view post •  2018-11-19 12:36:56
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blaekly I've always been curious about this house. It's relatively new and plain, so I can't imagine why it was saved from the demolition that took out most of the other buildings surrounding it when they widened Davis.
view post •  2018-05-14 18:18:29
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blaekly this place has taken a beating. one room is completely collapsed, another is half-way there (very recent). almost every window has been broken. I was here maybe 4 years ago and it was MINT compared to this. Very nice photo aesthetics tho! Reminds me of my grandparents cottage down to the bowl of candies on the table. Very 70s-esque and appears it could've been a time capsule if it wasn't for vandals. lots of leftover stuff was left as-is and was apparently untouched for awhile.
view post •  2018-04-02 18:57:53
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blaekly !! WHAT! Another one!?! Man you are tearing me up. Was here last summer and it was definitely lived in at the time. Did you just check it on a whim?
view post •  2018-03-01 18:47:59
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blaekly The one with the long driveway? I went to school with some kids that lived here and we partied here a few times. I was here in the summer and it looked like it was being worked on so didn't bother with it, but from your shots it's pretty clear that never happened lol
view post •  2018-03-01 18:43:37
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