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blaekly This must be before I went. Is that Reptar?!
view post •  2017-12-16 22:31:13
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blaekly Yeah wtf is going on here? Baby wash station?
view post •  2017-11-16 20:17:50
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blaekly lmao A+ footwear choice aha that's awesome
view post •  2017-11-14 02:03:21
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blaekly that's a beautiful shot!
view post •  2017-10-26 16:58:02
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blaekly ..what is this?
view post •  2017-10-13 12:49:01
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blaekly Yeah it was demolished at the end of summer. Apparently no demo permit was submitted and it was just taken down by the developer. Nothing remains of the farm stuff either. This house was on the site of an old mill. Behind where the house stood you can see remnants of it - the mill run and where the reservoir would have been.
view post •  2018-11-19 12:36:56
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blaekly Was here in early 2017. Couldn't get in the house but wouldn't want to anyways. You can smell it from about 20 feet away. Not a lot to add here, but got a few closer shots of the docs on the door if anyone is looking for info. Has the property owner on it.
view post •  2018-06-25 17:47:02
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blaekly I can't find the pics anymore, but I was here in 2015 and the houses were all already abandoned. Dk what the deal is with that newspaper from 2016 in the one house.
view post •  2018-06-12 18:47:00
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blaekly I've always been curious about this house. It's relatively new and plain, so I can't imagine why it was saved from the demolition that took out most of the other buildings surrounding it when they widened Davis.
view post •  2018-05-14 18:18:29
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blaekly This location seems to have appeared out of nowhere lol
view post •  2018-05-08 18:15:41
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