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profile of blaekly

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Photo Comments

Wow...I never noticed that! Good eye. That's a pretty historic chest.

view post •  Aug 14 2017

why thank you! it was an extremely photogenic house

view post •  Jul 31 2017

this is badass looking.

view post •  Jun 26 2017

Location Comments

Yeah it was demolished at the end of summer. Apparently no demo permit was submitted and it was just taken down by the developer. Nothing remains of t...

view post •  Nov 19 2018

I've always been curious about this house. It's relatively new and plain, so I can't imagine why it was saved from the demolition that took out most o...

view post •  May 14 2018

this place has taken a beating. one room is completely collapsed, another is half-way there (very recent). almost every window has been broken. I was...

view post •  Apr 02 2018

!! WHAT! Another one!?! Man you are tearing me up. Was here last summer and it was definitely lived in at the time. Did you just check it on a whim?

view post •  Mar 01 2018

The one with the long driveway? I went to school with some kids that lived here and we partied here a few times. I was here in the summer and it l...

view post •  Mar 01 2018