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oklems right! I love how the tree has grown through the steering wheel!
view post •  2019-01-17 09:17:38
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oklems love this
view post •  2018-01-21 13:48:17
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oklems I pass this house everyday on my way to work...I have always been curious to what it looks like inside. I have to say, just these stairs made my jaw drop. Beautiful craftsman ship! Awesome Picture
view post •  2017-06-07 21:15:03
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oklems It's a pretty active place!
view post •  2016-08-03 17:10:15
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oklems Wow! Great shot!
view post •  2016-04-28 09:17:17
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oklems I live right down the street from here. I knew this place looked a little rough but never knew it was abandoned! good find!
view post •  2018-07-02 17:56:00
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oklems Visited this site a couple days ago, looks like the whole place is caved in.
view post •  2016-10-17 13:08:56
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oklems Sitting outside of where this should be and its been completely erased due to a new subdivision going up.... Thank you Oakville -_-
view post •  2016-05-01 14:57:21
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oklems Found this place by accident and decided to check it out. The woman down the road came whipping over in her truck threatening us and almost hitting our car parked on the side of the road. Be very careful around this place.
view post •  2016-04-25 20:18:22
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oklems The neighbours across the street watch the house. They gave me a short history about the place saying it was built in the 1800 and the owners live down the street. I would recommend you introduce yourself the neighbours across the road just letting them know you are there.BEWARE: they don't like people going inside the house as it is falling down and the second floor and the stairs are all rotted
view post •  2016-04-20 11:59:01
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