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iii SparTanic no, water looked a little to deep and my giant of a buddy couldnt squeeze through, nor did he want to. If anyone who is small enough would like to try when the weather permits let me know through pm
view post •  2016-02-16 13:34:46
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iii SparTanic wouldve went down in the hull, but falling into the ice once was more than enough for one day. Despite the -20 - -40 weather, fellow user KnightHawk and myself managed to get out and find some great locations.
view post •  2016-02-13 21:02:08
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iii SparTanic whats the status on this place? I'm planning a trip out this way relatively soon ( providing the weather warms up) definitely want to check it out.
view post •  2016-02-11 11:16:10
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iii SparTanic While inside me and my buddy were sort of attacked by raccoons....they have way sharper claws then I imagined lol we are both okay but considering the circumstances, those were all I could take . My original thoughts were indeed correct about the location and what is stored here.
view post •  2016-02-03 21:30:52
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iii SparTanic Does anyone know of this place still stands and it's status ? It says demolished 2012 but there's a photo gallery from 2014 , are they just old pics or is it still there ?
view post •  2016-02-03 02:34:07
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iii SparTanic Just went here today, snapped some pictures. The bars look bent enough to squeeze through, I would've went in but 1st , water looks rather deep so I'd recommend rubber boots to any who try , and 2nd My buddy wouldn't come with and no way I'm going in alone....I suppose I've watched to many horror films. Anyway, anyone who wants to try with me , send me a pm. I'll upload the pics when soon.
view post •  2016-02-02 13:35:13
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