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sQualie Oh shit!
view post •  2013-12-12 23:20:27
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sQualie Here's a real update... The trailers on the south end of the property (on the No Frills side of the overpass) are there for the construction happening just up the road on Eglinton. Building 9 has not changed much since my previous visit 1 yr ago and the ruins of the other buildings are pretty much the same as well. Doesn't look like its going anywhere anytime soon :)
view post •  2012-04-07 09:19:23
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sQualie I was in there around August. We got in pretty easily, started walking around and realized there where about a dozen ppl working right around the corner from where we were.
view post •  2012-02-08 23:42:42
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sQualie See update and link. That's why there was a big gaping hole... :(
view post •  2012-01-20 04:14:56
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sQualie I've already got a busy weekend planned but I'll let you know if I can squeeze it in.
view post •  2012-01-15 07:43:28
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sQualie @Phrenzee: How anoying was security? Cuz this place just made my to do list!
view post •  2012-01-14 09:49:54
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