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sQualie That poor car has taken such a beating over the years. Wish I could have saved her when she was still somewhat salvageable.
view post •  2014-04-15 20:03:22
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sQualie Oh shit!
view post •  2013-12-12 23:20:27
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sQualie It's a ghost from building 3!! :P
view post •  2013-09-30 12:51:02
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sQualie My precious!
view post •  2013-07-03 13:25:56
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sQualie They're doing paid tours on Saturday Nov 23 for $20 +tx. Only 9 groups of 10 people so it'll be a pretty pleasant tour that should allow for half decent pictures. Still a few tickets left for those who are interested
view post •  2013-11-21 13:13:12
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sQualie Nice set Darkman! Looks like a lot has changed since my visit.
view post •  2013-06-19 22:32:35
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sQualie The site has full power and the grounds are kept up. Most of the place is locked up (not that tight) but with alarm warnings everywhere, we chose not to pull the doors harder than we should. The more interesting pics posted by Alp002 are from this one building near the entrance, aside from that there is not much to see there. Too bad, the Ecology Center looked like it could have been fun... :(
view post •  2012-05-15 13:55:53
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sQualie Here's a real update... The trailers on the south end of the property (on the No Frills side of the overpass) are there for the construction happening just up the road on Eglinton. Building 9 has not changed much since my previous visit 1 yr ago and the ruins of the other buildings are pretty much the same as well. Doesn't look like its going anywhere anytime soon :)
view post •  2012-04-07 09:19:23
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sQualie @mobileworks: I was thinking the same thing or a restaurant, rest stop...?
view post •  2012-04-04 21:14:40
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