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odet27 Dat golf doe
view post •  2015-05-21 01:32:46
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odet27 I prefer going at night! It adds an element to the exploration that can only be achieved with darkness! However, the pictures obviously suffer as the trade off..
view post •  2014-07-01 04:24:47
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odet27 Weird, the back door was wide open and I was there just a a few days before you guys !
view post •  2012-12-03 07:32:35
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odet27 This is a great location, still in good condition. I'd check it out sooner than later for i have a feeling that a housing development company may be interested in the land.
view post •  2012-11-30 02:53:47
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odet27 hmm, cool. I wonder if this place was used for police training as well? "do not cross" police line, as well as a bad guy poster(kinda similar to the medway house location) with bullet holes.
view post •  2012-09-26 18:43:59
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odet27 wow! great find! love the old tech laying around in this place.
view post •  2012-07-08 17:01:14
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