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HauntedExpedition Literally on the side of the road, up a little hill. Very visible if you are looking for it.
view post •  2015-11-30 21:02:51
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HauntedExpedition Be careful. You can almost see the bus from the road. Lots of broken bottles and stuff all over the ground right. Its kinda sad.
view post •  2015-11-30 21:00:16
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HauntedExpedition It's pretty interesting, if you head into the trees behind the graves there are cement pillars sticking the bottom of tree trunks. They are immobile. This leads me to think that the trees grew around and encompassed the pillars. These trees are pretty big. I would think the cemetery has been moved and those are the pillars from the original location.
view post •  2015-11-22 17:46:06
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HauntedExpedition The place is pretty secluded. Other than the sign at the road, you won't see it. It's up off the road surrounded by trees. Pretty interesting though.
view post •  2015-11-22 10:45:01
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