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NGTOne Love that mechanical gas pump.
view post •  2017-02-11 11:37:34
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NGTOne Is that a snowmobile? Err... what's left of one?
view post •  2016-09-17 12:18:43
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NGTOne I visited in September 2015, and at that point all the windows and doors on the first and second floors were boarded/welded. Outside those windows is a 3-story drop to the ground, which is probably wh
view post •  2016-05-07 15:36:35
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NGTOne Huh. I lived in this area for many years, and I've even visited the quarry (no photos, though), but I never noticed the old shooting range. Neat find.
view post •  2017-07-23 15:19:22
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NGTOne Bulldozed now. Nothing left but a vacant lot and the vegetation (they left all the landscaping behind, rather ironically).
view post •  2017-03-13 01:52:45
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NGTOne Looks like the Guelph/Rockwood area has a serial arsonist roaming around - this place is the third abandoned farmhouse that's been hit in the last few weeks.
view post •  2016-10-28 14:31:03
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NGTOne Paid it another visit today, and I was so sad... apparently, the local vandals have finally discovered the place, and they did a real number on it. All the boards have been ripped out, all the windows are smashed, and they even made a decent go of trying to wreck that beautiful cast-iron stove :(
view post •  2016-09-27 14:40:32
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NGTOne Paid this place a visit this weekend. Looks like the stuff in the barn/house rotates through every so often, but there's been enough time between visits for a raccoon to crawl into the barn, die, and decay down to nothing but a skeleton and fur without being cleaned up. Lovely.
view post •  2016-09-25 21:56:25
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