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crada A beautiful location! Went recently - will post some pics.
view post •  2011-10-06 13:44:16
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crada I just did a photoshoot there, hehe. I always drove by the location and wanted to shoot there so I'm glad I finally did! The water is pretty dirty and deep, and while you can access it if you're stealthy, it caught fire a few years ago, so it's not as stable as it used to be.
view post •  2011-07-28 14:53:41
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crada The loft project began around 2009, so I am not sure what the current state is as I haven't been back. From what I can tell on their Website, they are scheduling occupant move-ins this year so while the structure looks very much preserved from the outside, I think it's quite different on the inside now:
view post •  2011-07-28 14:50:23
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crada Hi there! I uploaded a few pictures, but the gallery is not showing up for some reason. Anyway, it was a very fun and colourful location to explore. Very easy to access, but kind of an odd feeling to be walking hip-deep in the tall grass, not knowing what's underneath. :)
view post •  2011-07-28 03:20:45
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crada Had to walk through a very dark, wet, creepy hallway right by the morgue to get upstairs. The wallpaper is so different in every room. Very interesting!
view post •  2011-07-27 17:33:48
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