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Photo Comments

It's just your breath on a chilly day

view post •  Feb 22 2016

Cool shot, did you end up going inside?

view post •  Feb 11 2016

very cool

view post •  Jan 30 2016

Location Comments

Things such as the windows, chandelier in the foyer, and even the wind ornament on the roof were all stripped off and stored in the 3-car garage. I be...

view post •  Sep 26 2018

POE is open again! Get in while you can!

view post •  Feb 08 2017

Thanks! and the POE is still open, theres a basement entrance

view post •  Jun 18 2016

If I remember correctly, I think the soy stacks were demo'd but when I went about a month or so ago they were filming something here.

view post •  Jun 10 2016

POE has opened up, checked up on it yesterday.

view post •  May 27 2016