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Location Discussions By JA9IN

JA9IN Went in this beautiful place in my early amateur urbex days (I was 13,14ish) and it was one of my favourite places to date. I remember hanging around here frequently with my friend (as I lived in the buildings on the property nextdoor) and hearing the alarm beeping inside the building through the broken windows everytime we went close enough. We eventually gained entry but the doors were locked halfway through the school. Everything was still intact, absolutely stunning. The part of the school I gained access to was built in 1958. I really enjoyed my exploration here. To my absolute utmost luck, I was outside during the one time police actually came. They had startled my friends and I. They had a K9 dog barking real loud at us and yelled for us to freeze. All went fine as I told them I was never inside ;) I figured we had set off a silent alarm, as I didnt see any potential witnesses that could've seen us inside (as slick as we were being). Call me crazy but I really loved this place with part of my heart. I felt so connected to it for some silly reason. I still miss it like crazy everytime I go past.

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JA9IN Is this still accessible?

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JA9IN This looks so incredibly gorgeous and I hope it can somehow be saved!! They dont make them like this anymore. Would give anything to get inside but looks like its locked up tight

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JA9IN Looks like there would be gorgeous architectural detail inside!!

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JA9IN I love this place so much. I had psychotherapy here when I was younger in one of the brown buildings. Even when I was little I took an interest in the beauty of the building, peeking into the older gym (inside the building) which I found was very spooky and intriguing!! I would give anything to see inside these buildings in person. So beautiful and such a shame what's happening with the property :(

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JA9IN @zKnightmares unfortunately not but I'm wanting to see it!

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JA9IN Wanting to check this one out, is it still around?

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JA9IN Just looked this location up on google maps. Looks like the whole remainder of the town is gone. There are a few new houses now on the property :(

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