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Photo Comments

love those games.. what a waste

view post •  Oct 02 2018

looks like blood under the fridge.. probably just spaghetti sauce but hey i have a wild imagination lol

view post •  Oct 02 2018

is it hidden in those trees? that would be super creepy.

view post •  May 26 2018

"hole popping tip". im done.

view post •  Apr 30 2018

what a color scheme!!

view post •  Mar 13 2018

Location Comments

its a gorgeous structure, what a shame.

view post •  May 26 2018

google maps satellite shows it has been demolished ): wish i saw this place sooner!

view post •  May 22 2018

no teddies or items there when I visited ): just the skates

view post •  May 19 2018

they probably are still standing, its tucked on a side street between a few houses and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere soon. However, better...

view post •  May 19 2018

This mill was actually owned by my friend from elementary school's parents. Weird!

view post •  May 15 2018