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Photo Comments

They're compliance notices from the city demanding the clean up and maintenance of the property due to the violations of city by-laws.

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When I first discovered this location, I dont remember this room looking so comfy and lived in! Some squatter must have moved in after I had been thro...

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Location Comments

Hmmm.......... I'm in that area tomorrow. Might have to take a peek!

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Finally got to visit this location! Pardon my poor photo quality. Between an old I-Phone, improper footwear and the bugs the quality is awful! The res...

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Seemed like it was just a party spot in this photo. I suspect there were squatters in some of the hotel rooms based on their conditions. One room was...

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Just visited the location yesterday. All gone now. :(

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I'm guessing 1956 based on a Google image search.

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