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profile of SuperSonic

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and that's even worse

view post •  Apr 03 2013

that's nasty

view post •  Apr 03 2013

I guess it is for sale.

view post •  Mar 17 2013

wow. my sister's looking for a van just like that. Did you notice a for sale sign? lol

view post •  Mar 17 2013're nuts to go upstairs in this place. lol

view post •  Mar 03 2013

Location Comments

this was also known as the Jolly Jumper site...for obvious reasons....they made them here. The guy who built this is the same guy who developed the s...

view post •  Jul 22 2013

saw this place today....pretty nasty inside

view post •  May 19 2013 did I miss this entry? I gotta get down there and shot this place.

view post •  May 05 2013

this area of the city was one I always wanted to explore. this is a great find. thx.

view post •  Apr 27 2013

I went a long distance on this railway, but to the south. We photographed about a dozen discarded gloves. South was also a railway plow.

view post •  Apr 21 2013