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Greg looks like people are just moving out, hardly abandoned. real cool
view post •  2016-03-24 01:02:07
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Greg this is such a cool location and gallery holy cow
view post •  2016-01-05 18:02:50
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Greg thank you!
view post •  2015-12-30 11:16:28
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Greg just imagine if the large window over the stairs in this picture wasn't boarded! the natural light on the stairs would have been an awesome sight!
view post •  2015-12-30 11:15:54
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Greg thanks dave! it's also on my instagram, my handle is in the bottom corner watermark!
view post •  2015-12-29 17:29:55
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Greg This place is super icy in the winter, as said before. Had a few times where I slipped, and a friend I was exploring with actually slipped and fell down a set of icy stairs, so watch where you walk haha
view post •  2018-01-18 14:12:48
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Greg The dogs at the pet daycare next-door went wild barking when we pulled up. No owner or neighbour came though. Cool little place, everything was wide open.
view post •  2018-01-18 13:59:13
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Greg Noted. Next time I will be sure to but for now it's still there. I may return during daylight sometime and if I do I'll be sure to take it down.
view post •  2018-01-14 03:52:09
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Greg While there was no distinct sign of a squatter living in this building, there were a few jackets and unfinished drinks lying around (normal enough for an abandoned place). It was dark at this point so we left, just to be on the safe side incase someone genuinely was upstairs. Attached a photo of the sign in my image gallery (January 2018). Also note that there was some points where the carpet felt like it had no hardwood underneath it and would give out into a basement (?) Watch your step.
view post •  2018-01-11 00:59:13
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Greg Found easy POE, but someone had tried to hide it behind bushes/ propped plywood to conceal it. When we were in the building we heard noises coming from the upstairs level, almost like footsteps but we wrote them off as animals. We moved a bit deeper into the building and found a sign reading 'OAP can suck my balls.' We aren't really sure if a squatter who was fed up with people exploring put this there (maybe explaining upstairs noises) or someone trying to be funny.
view post •  2018-01-11 00:55:59
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