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emily.h Yeah I was thankful I had good timing! I even saw a bunch of police there the next week so thankfully missed whatever happened then too!
view post •  2017-04-24 11:17:51
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emily.h Great shot!
view post •  2017-03-28 18:19:25
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emily.h Looking at some of the other recent galleries I noticed a lot of stuff has been moved around, mostly tossed over the second story balcony...
view post •  2017-03-09 04:18:40
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emily.h It was so sad to see all the destruction that has happened in the last couple months, the house was pretty trashed :(
view post •  2017-03-08 14:10:47
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emily.h Love this photo with the added element of the paper!
view post •  2017-01-19 18:06:56
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emily.h I was finally able to get into the awesome buildings here last week! Went to all but the main cafeteria as there was workers boarding up the windows of it. Didn't see anyone until I was on the roof of the largest building in the middle when the cops came and asked me and a friend to leave as the media was coming to do a segment on trespassing! lol
view post •  2016-05-09 13:03:12
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emily.h Wow crazy how much it changed when I was there last week! I think they knocked that red building down, didn't see that truck out back, and a lot of decay!
view post •  2016-02-23 00:04:37
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emily.h Just uploaded my gallery but it is all exterior shots as it was patrolled by a cop the whole time, he walked through and kicked everyone out and watched me as I shot from the road.
view post •  2016-01-26 00:59:45
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emily.h When I originally went to this location it was in use as a construction storage yard so very fenced up. Glad someone had revisited and got inside! Thanks!
view post •  2016-01-25 14:15:46
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