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Location Discussions By ann_faith

ann_faith The new retirement residence is falling behind in construction. Sign says " Fall 2016" and its still not done as of today. 1/14/17 Due to safty concernes we could not get further into the site for more. Pics as its a constuction zone and work vehicles parked in lot

view post •  Jan 15 2017

ann_faith Demolished?

view post •  Jan 05 2017

ann_faith Any updates on location would be appreciated. Anyobe kbow if OPP still use it?

view post •  Jan 04 2017

ann_faith Demoloshed or not? If now demolished, please update status

view post •  Jan 04 2017

ann_faith Confirmation by former land owners friend, house has been demolished

view post •  Jan 04 2017

ann_faith totally demolished now

view post •  May 24 2014

ann_faith my how this place has gone to **** saving it now. surprized they havnt demod it yet

view post •  Jan 01 2014

ann_faith It would be really interesting to hear the story of this location, from the prier owners, point of view. Maybe he/ she has some good stories or memories to shari

view post •  Sep 04 2013

ann_faith Trailblazer2112, do you think that your daughter would like to share? Lol. It is my hope, that one day my lovly daughter will share this facination of mine, aswell.. :)

view post •  Jul 30 2013

ann_faith There was talk about what they wanted to do with this plave back in 2010 when my mom lived close was in the papers and everything...there was even some talk about saveing someof ot....but i guess the stupid condo builders won their like to send oit a bog F -U to all tje idioys that let this place get demod to the ground- and didnt fight to keep such an important and beautiful p

view post •  Jul 29 2013

ann_faith I want to go back here and stand on the exact spot the monrail crashed. Lol

view post •  Jul 29 2013

ann_faith Oddly enough I felt more creeped out on the exteriors of the property.....the inside wasnt really anything too special .....just another abandoned house destroyed by wrekless teens.

view post •  Jul 28 2013

ann_faith Someone needs to save this place before its too gone......did anyone get inside the restearant part yet?

view post •  Jul 25 2013

ann_faith Seems this is happening a lot lately......soon these homes will meet the same demise as the homes on Glenanna in Pickering :(

view post •  Mar 26 2013

ann_faith Bwahahaha! Sk8punk......its all dried up in the bottom of a toilet in the master bedroom on the 2ed floor......... if u wanna see it that badly, go see it yourself. :P

view post •  Mar 18 2013