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Location Discussions By sspunkk

sspunkk Was in the area today and went by the factory. Lots of construction going on in the area and looks like the city is allowing some people access to the back part of the property. The building is sealed completely still wit a double fence around it. There was one poe, but it was on the very top of the roof, but was too dangerous to get too. :( Sad I could not explore the inside.

view post •  Nov 23 2017

sspunkk Stratford is either going to demolish this building or repurpose it soon. The city also put up a massive fence around the entire perimeter to keep everyone out.

view post •  Oct 19 2017

sspunkk This property is going to be used to build a hospice for Waterloo. The city has a notice up now for their future plans with this site.

view post •  Oct 19 2017

sspunkk This place, like the buildings beside it are monitored by the city. I was climbing out of the POE I found, and I heard footsteps so I hightailed it outta there. I turned around to see two city workers walking around the perimeter of the building. There was also a tent in this place when I went. Had a recent fire so it smells aweful in there. Wear a mask if you got it.

view post •  Oct 19 2017

sspunkk No longer there. :(

view post •  Feb 09 2015